What is the Process Involved in Collecting Child Support?

Neglect by one parent or both has caused many young children to face various challenges in their lives. The majority of the time, these problems are caused by parents who have children and abandon them at a young age when the child is unable support himself. In these cases, state agencies that provide Child TriCare Services intervene to give the children the type of life that is deserved so they can be productive and responsible citizens in the future.

Child Support Services takes several steps to guarantee that Parents take responsibility for the child. Child Support Services allows any legal guardian, parent or other person who is responsible for a minor child to file a complaint to begin the collection of child support. Here is an overview of how child support can be collected.

After the child support services receive a complaint from the legal guardian, they will conduct an interview to gather the relevant facts. Child Support Services, if convinced the case falls under the guidelines of child support collection will then proceed to track down the parent. The legal guardian will help with this. They will then conduct tests, preferable DNA tests, to verify that the person who has been identified as the father of a minor, is actually the father. It is necessary to establish paternity before the court may issue an order for medical and child support. It is true that this is what the law is based on, as if paternity is not established then no further action can be taken.

After locating the parent, the court determines if the parents are able to financially support their minor. Also, it will determine the amount of parenting time that each parent has with the minor and his or her financial needs. Child Support Services could also petition the court and ask that the other parent is involved. Child Support Services takes steps to make sure that non-custodial parents are responsible for minors based upon their ability.

The process may include, for example, wage transfers, levies of bank accounts and liens against real property. Other steps could be unemployment or state disability interception. After the completion of the procedure, the noncustodial party will be able to submit a request for a revision of the child support order. This is if he feels that it’s unfair. This will however depend on both the Child Support Services’ and court’s decision.