Truckee River Rock


Half moon floats in an empty sky,
Like a slice of lemon in a cool drink.
River calm and silent.
Water skeeter.
One small fish.

A tree carved by a bear,
And a bear carved from a tree.

The wind says shush
and whoa.

Shush and whoa.

About the Author:  Julia Park Tracey is an award-winning poet, author, blogger and journalist. She was named Poet Laureate for the city of Alameda (CA) in 2014. Her contemporary fiction is available through Booktrope. Her women’s history project, The Doris Diaries, has been lauded as a dynamic, exciting peek back at the Roaring Twenties. Her poetry collection, Amaryllis, came out in 2009 (Scarlet Letter Press). Julia’s poetry has appeared most recently online at, and in print anthologies from New Rivers Press, Moorhouse, Augsburg Books and PEN West. She lives in Alameda and Forestville, CA.