Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra_Retrato de Chusmita_for Caballero


For Dr. S. Rueda

On the night Chavez died
I needed to feel drunk
So I called my son’s pediatrician
Told him I wanted to be happy
He said I should be happy
I didn’t mention the wine
Maybe he figured and it wasn’t the first time
So I mixed white formula with water
Then drank enough to sway
With the people on TV
Even a teat gets tired of being just a teat

About the Author: Ana Caballero received Colombia’s 2014 José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize for her book Entre domingo y domingo (“From Sunday to Sunday”). Her work has appeared in Smoking Glue Gun Magazine, Pea River Review, Red Savina Review, Big River Poetry Review, CutBank, among others, and is forthcoming in Jai-Alai and The Potomac. Every week, she writes about poetry for Zeteo Journal’s “Zeteo is Reading” section. Her poetry and book thoughts can be read at

Artwork: Carlos Luis Sánchez