Yuletide by Daniel Romo

Yuletide I stand in the center of the store and question how I got here. Lost among seasonal blends and the past year. The baristas know my name and start making my drink, even before I pay. Is a man’s predictability worthy of pity or praise? I grip the holiday cup and Starbucks spins. Each […]Read More

The Cat by Jeff Fleischer

  Sitting in a bar on Christmas Eve didn’t feel out of the ordinary for David Silver. He was still unmarried, and his last relationship had ended months earlier, before there was even an awkward discussion about whose parents they would visit and how much time he’d need to take off work and what was […]Read More

SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS by Ephraim Sommers

  SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS If you don’t believe in heaven, what then is holy? Before dinner, your diabetic father punching a syringe into his belly, fill your mother with Rockstar and orange juice, fill a wooden pipe with a squeeze of weed, and she will have your father leaning back in his wooden chair, laughing the […]Read More

The Christmas Party (1968) by Warren Read

  It was almost five-thirty by the time they pulled out of their driveway and onto the boulevard. The roads were already glassy and slick, and a white crystalline fog draped from the line of streetlamps. Gil held tightly to the wheel, his back inches from the seat as he hunched forward. The car floated […]Read More

Bad xmas by Courtney Leigh

Bad xmas #hungrybutnotlooking: A Charlie Brown Story Xmas is the emptiest time of year. Charlie Brown’s been eating chocolate santas all month in an attempt to stay warm. From cherry hat to toothache, he gorges on the supple little santas & kisses Lucy with bleeding gums & molars. She cums & goes home to her […]Read More

How Much Do You Tip by Sean McCollum

I stared out the window at the bare trees, the stubbly cornfields, the barns with their hex signs. It was the Monday after Thanksgiving and my folks and I were headed out to pick out a Christmas tree. Feliz Navidad blared into my ear from the stereo speaker directly behind my head. “Anything you want […]Read More