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Of Age by Kwan Booth

  Your hands are cuffed behind you and your world is turned sideways as you lay cheek to concrete beside the door of D’s two-toned Dodge Aries. The police helicopter spotlighting your right of passage. Your big night. The first time that it happens to you. Shortly before you’d been leaned back in the pleather […]Read More

Preparing the Dead by Meg Yardley

Preparing the Dead                                                             for Jamie To prepare the dead I dig out one purple rubber glove from under the kitchen sink. The city of Oakland will take her body only for sixty two dollars payable in person between the hours of nine and eleven a.m. on a weekday. Yesterday she was clinging to a […]Read More

Love in the Digital Age by Elison Alcovendaz

The morning the silent agreement began started much like the last 1,095 mornings of the Peabody marriage. Beth woke up at 5am to her internal clock, rubbed the crust out of her eyes, showered, ironed, then kissed Jeff on the cheek as she went off to her job as a news anchor. Jeff had always […]Read More

Answering the Demand to Renounce Mostafa by Tamer Mostafa

Answering the Demand to Renounce Mostafa  1. Do not assume my declarations are disingenuous, that I have neglected the chronicle of records and an epithet chosen for revelation. This conviction inscribed in permanence is existent, under the flaws of my practice, the admission of failings skimming naked like a wrinkled film of wax over a […]Read More

Execute Eric Smith by Bill Carr

  The euphoria didn’t last long. In fact, it was the most fleeting euphoria of Eric Smith’s professional career. He’d just gotten off the phone with the Algogenics marketing manager. Build price: $0.79. License fee: $3.97. Retail: $5.99. Not the greatest margins, Marketing had said. But we’ll sell a ton of them. Which is exactly […]Read More

Warmth by James Croal Jackson

Warmth I want to fold the dog into an origami pipe smoke it and forget this was ever a dog later I will want this dog nestled next to me asleep fire lingering instead I fold creases into blanket wrapping out the cold I can’t shake but for what it takes to sleep through dawn […]Read More

Boy on a Rope by Julia Poole

  Powell woke to the sound of knocking. Disoriented, his eyes flicked around the murky room. He zeroed in on a lava lamp, the source of the empurpled veil covering everything. His body detected the comfort of a mattress, the softness of a blanket and comforter. Mouth dry, the sweet taste of alcohol-laced fruit punch […]Read More

Rubber Love by Karen Petersen

Rubber Love Miss Tina, resplendent in stilettos and fishnet, lace-up black bustier, size 38c, cracks her whip and he trembles, waiting for the pleasure of her key in his lock. He’ll roll over and play dead, bark like a dog, croak like a frog. Whatever she wants. You see, on a bad day she’ll give […]Read More

Sex Worker by David Stromberg

  It was a miserable April in Paris. The temperature hovered just above freezing and there was a constant threat of rain. I’d flown from Boston for an academic conference asking scholars to present “notions of proliferation” in “historical pragmatics.” Someone on the organizing committee had read my article on “tragic foresight” in Harold Laski’s […]Read More

Music Swells By Zephir O’Meara

Music Swells I tell my kids don’t worry You’re not the ones That gentrification is there It’s happening We’re not forcing anyone out of their homes I want a big tent daddy, like the homeless ones have I want one of those We warm this house You’ve never really been hungry You’ll never really be […]Read More

Second Act by Chad Koch

I’m unzipping my pants when it really sets in that I’m about to have sex with a furry. The man I’ve met on a furry dating site stands in front of me adjusting the Velcro on the crotch of his fur suit. He’s dressed in what looks like a Mickey Mouse costume except softer, like […]Read More

Post-Industrial Idyllic by Natasha Dennerstein

Post-Industrial Idyllic   East 12th Street, Oakland, the decaying light industry harmonizes with the warehouses, alongside the BART line, the disused freight train tracks, the bridge to Alameda. The signs are a song: American Emperor, Overseas Asiatic Coalition, Union Meat Company, Five Harvest Wholesale and Fidelity Packaging, where cheating-ass boys in unsmogged cars get side-eye […]Read More