FOR CAROL DORF - by Deanna Crane


The curve’s tangents define velocity. No one tells a pregnant woman what labor or the first months will be like; that our velocity is not continuous. The body demands the chemical compounds of pleasure. As a child before gender, I desired flight, space, rockets. Later all my theories shrunk into a particular moment.


About the Author: Carol Dorf‘s chapbook “Theory Headed Dragon,” is available through Finishing Line Press. Her poetry has been published in  “Glint,” “Slipstream,” “Spillway,” “Sin Fronteras,” “Antiphon,” “About Place,” “The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics,” “Scientific American,” “Maintenant,” “OVS” “Best of Indie Lit New England,” and elsewhere. She is poetry editor of Talking Writing and teaches mathematics in Berkeley, CA.

Artwork: Deanna Crane