Review: Indictus by Natalie Eilbert

Indictus by Natalie Eilbert Published 2018 by Noemi Press $15.00 paperback ISBN 978-1934819715 By Luiza Flynn-Goodlett [I hesitate to foreground myself but want to provide a brief disclaimer: As a reader and survivor of sexual violence, those two parts of myself rarely intersect, and when they do, it’s likely due to an author’s harmful blundering […]Read More

Review: The Job of the Wasp by Colin Winnette

The Job of the Wasp by Colin Winnette Published 2018 by Soft Skull Press $16.95 paperback ISBN 978-1593766801 By Noah Sanders Colin Winnette’s novel The Job of the Wasp is, to some degree a ghost story. It is also a locked-room murder mystery and a gothic horror story all entangled within the dimly lit hallways […]Read More

Review: The First Church of What's Happening by Miah Jeffra

The First Church of What’s Happening by Miah Jeffra Published 2017 by Nomadic Press $10 paperback ISBN 978-0-9981348-9-5 By Noah Sanders Miah Jeffra’s chapbook, The First Church of What’s Happening, is a deceptively slender volume of lyrical essays. The book, a collection of 10 short, lyrical pieces flits between both form and tone, with Jeffra […]Read More

Review: Witch Wife by Kiki Petrosino

Witch Wife by Kiki Petrosino Published 2017 by Sarabande Books $16.95 hardcover ISBN 978-1946448033 By Luiza Flynn-Goodlett Witch Wife gets power and momentum from a few sources, the most striking of which is repetition. Echoing (and even explicitly referencing) Anne Sexton, phrases (sometimes whole lines) reappear, and upon each usage, deepen, expand, and echo outwards, […]Read More

2017 in Books: Year-End Roundup

Prose   I wish I had something more profound to say about 2017, about my first year as a book reviewer coming to a close, about the state of the world and the power of literature to expose it and to remind us that as dark as it seems there has to be a light […]Read More

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