Gabriel Bernal_Untitled


Hours after last call, after bars
send their last groggy-eyed patrons
home with a goodnight & hope

to see you soon, a man dressed
in black stands in the intersection
of the divided highway, shouting

obscenities at cars that slow
once they realize the shadowman
in the road is real. His pale face

& bare legs & feet glow in nearing
headlights the way trouble does
during fevered sleep. You’ll all pay

for what they done to me, he says
into our open window as we pass.
Pay with your pathetic lives. I have

seen his madness before in the eyes
of a loved one, seen the same darkness
consume pupils till the only light

left is the chaos glinting through
a roadmap of expanded blood
vessels that graph the way to hell.

About the Author: Metro Detroit writer Jenifer DeBellis is Pink Panther Magazine’s Executive Editor and eBook Editor and Poetry Reader for Solstice Lit Mag. She’s a Solstice MFA in Creative Writing graduate and Former Writer-in-Residence for the Meadow Brook Writing Project. JDB teaches creative writing for Baker College and Oakland University’s Meadow Brook Writing Camps. Her poetry and prose appear or are forthcoming in publications such as AWP’s Festival Writer, the Good Men Project, Literary Orphans, Sliver of Stone, and Solstice Literary Magazine.

Artwork: Gabriel Bernal