For Lawry

Ballpoint Pens as a Point of Reference

Let’s talk ballpoint pens, and do they reproduce and how can one be found at a moment of critical need and do they resemble paper clips in some utilitarian matrix and what is their relationship to nostalgia? Ah, gibberish, the high notes, the low notes, such and much as might be animated, that is, drawn from life. Write it down, interpret, define, signify, elucidate, okay, time’s up. In a linear fashion, the sweet muck of ink is akin to blood. In a circular fashion, there is such harmony in scribble.

About the Author: Mercedes Lawry has been published widely in such journals as Poetry, Natural Bridge, Nimrod, and Prairie Schooner. She has published two chapbooks—There are Crows in My Blood and Happy Darkness—and has received honors from the Seattle Arts Commission, Jack Straw Foundation, Artist Trust and Richard Hugo House, been a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee and held a residency at Hedgebrook. Mercedes has also published short fiction as well as stories and poems for children.