As A Lemur At A Wedding

No one can see me. Princesses gather around flowers
and doilies and ribbons at table four. “Do you know
where the photo booth is? I just love photo booths.”

I was looking for someone earlier, or waiting for a text,
and drinking raspberry raspberries at the bar after four
maybe five mimosas. A woman complimented my dress

and I wrapped myself up again. I wore heels once too,
you know. Princesses on the dance floor talking about
cake. Succulent quinoa hipsters in suspenders building

castles for princesses who didn’t RSVP. If I buy
a lemur costume, I’ll feel better. Don’t look at me.
My ring finger fell off. I was looking for someone.

I’ll have another raspberry raspberry, please.

About the Author: Anxiety-ridden San Diego poet KT Gutting received her MFA in poetry from Saint Mary’s College in 2013. Her poetry has appeared in the Bicycle Review and is forthcoming in Stone Highway Review. She is The Taxidermist for White Stag.

Artwork: Brad Milhouse