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  A Letter From the Editor

On Memorial Day, we discovered our site was compromised and infected with malware, which diverted our webtraffic to another site. Rather than risk someone googling the wonderful, amazing work we publish only to be sent to an unsavory place, we decided to take the site down in order for the tech support team to fully cleanse our site.

The issue you see before you, the Spring issue, our eighth, was live for less than a week before we were hacked. Sites get hacked all the time. We were not unique or special in our suffering. It’s best not to take these things too personally. But we did take it personally—very personally. In addition to running The East Bay Review, we’re all writers ourselves. And as writers, we understand the partnership that exists between lit journal and writer. Writers give us their beautiful, glorious voices, and we provide the platform for their voices to be heard. The writers we publish always keep up their end of the bargain—things fell apart on our end. So you’re goddamn right I took it personally.

But it’s time to move forward.

Due to the unfortunate timing of the hack, we are forgoing our Summer issue (which would have been our second anniversary issue—happy birthday to us). In our minds, it would be improper not to give Issue No. 8 room to breathe; this issue’s very patient and incredibly generous contributors deserve their time in the spotlight. So please consider the issue you see before you the Spring/Summer issue. Consider this a reboot—Issue No. 8, version 2.0, hence the new cover. We’ll be back on schedule in the Fall, and have something wonderful planned for Winter.

In closing, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has contributed to our journal, as our archives were inaccessible to the reading public until now. Everything’s now back to normal, so please feel free to run free through the archives. We greatly appreciate the kindness and patience of both our readers and writers. You’ve all been great partners. We’ll do better. We’ll carry our weight. We’ll always keep our promise.

Jeff Chon

Editor in Chief